Analysis Laboratory

Wahana Pamunah Limbah Industri (PT WPLI) is a company engaged in the management of hazardous and toxic waste materials. To manage waste properly needed a tool to analyze the waste so as not to contaminated to the surrounding environment. These are laboratory tools owned by PT. WPLI :

  • Neraca Analitik AE Adam HCB 3001
  • Thermo Scientific Cimarec Stirring Hot Plate
  • Ph meter thermo scientific Orion 3 star
  • Spectrofotometer spectroquant NOVA 60
  • Thermoreactor TR 320 Spectroquant
  • Mesin tekan
  • Beaker glass/gelas kimia
  • Blender
  • Lemari asam
  • Wash bottle , Botol winkler, Termometer, Tabung Reaksi, Labu Erlenmeyer, Labu takar
  • Pipet gondok, Pipet, volumetric, Pipet tetes